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April 2014 Newsletter

April News from Bruce A. Hagen

Did you know that the second Tuesday in April has been designated National Be Kind to Lawyers Day? We’ve all heard the bad jokes, and we laugh at them too, but we thought this month was a great opportunity to highlight some of the real qualities it takes to be an effective personal injury attorney. They may surprise you.

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What Does it Take to Be a Personal Injury Attorney?

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When you think of a personal injury attorney, the words humility, perseverance and sacrifice probably don’t immediately spring to mind. However, these traits are vital to any personal injury attorney who wants to keep practicing. While we may associate traits like intelligence and assertiveness with attorneys, there are some other personality traits that are essential for success in this demanding field – traits you might not expect in a personal injury attorney.

The Art of Humility

Humility: without it lawyers wouldn’t be able to move forward and learn how to better serve their clients. This is, perhaps, one of the most important traits a personal injury lawyer should possess. Being humble does not mean being weak or denying yourself; it means acknowledging your shortcomings and striving to improve them. In order to be successful as an attorney, they need to be able to admit their mistakes and then learn from them.

When they do make a mistake, they need to not only admit that, but seek to find out why it happened in the first place – what they did exactly that caused the mistake and then determine how to avoid it in the future. (Read the entire article.)

How to Help Prevent Construction Accidents


Warming temperatures don’t just signal the start of spring, they also herald the beginning of the construction season. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry has a higher than average rate of fatal workplace accidents. The good news though, is that the vast majority of them can be easily avoided if the proper safety steps are in place and followed. There are a few things you can do to decrease your chances of being injured during this year’s high season.

Hydrate, Eat Right and Exercise

By drinking plenty of water throughout the day, you can prevent a number of accidents and injuries. Dehydration can cause fatigue and lack of focus. If you are tired or can’t concentrate on the task at hand, you are more likely not to notice a hazard until it is too late. Avoid high fat, greasy, and heavy foods for you mid-day meal as well, as these take longer for the body to digest, leaving you feeling groggy. By exercising before starting work, particularly with stretches, you also reduce the chances of muscle strain, while at the same time improving your ability to focus. (Read the entire article.)

Have You Been in a Car Accident Recently? There’s an App for That


A car accident – even just a fender bender – can be a very stressful experience. You are filled with adrenaline, possibly injured, and yet, you are expected to accurately report and record information and details for insurance and legal purposes. Clearly, it can be very easy to make mistakes.

Top personal injury lawyers often state that the majority of their cases do not have enough, or the appropriate, information from the crash site to build and win a case. However, that is all about to change with the influx of newly minted car accident smartphone applications.

Personal injury lawyer Bruce Hagen is one of a number of attorneys who have created apps that function to help clients record all necessary information quickly and easily after a crash. These apps help guide car crash victims through the accident reporting process, making it fast and stress-free. (Read the entire article.)

If you are a victim of an auto accident, call the legal offices of Bruce Hagen today for help with your case.

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