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August 2013 Newsletter

What is an Expert Witness?

If you have secured the help of an attorney and are bringing your case to trial, at some point your attorney may suggest bringing in an expert witness to assist in your case.  An expert witness is someone who has very specific knowledge about a particular area and who is brought in to provide his or her professional opinion at your trial. In our increasingly technological world, expert witnesses are often essential to a lawsuit.

A person can be an expert in just about anything and can assist in a wide range of different types of trials. One example would be a wrongful death case in which a loved one was killed by wrongdoing or errors on the part of a surgeon during a surgical procedure.  An expert witness would be able to provide her informed opinion about whether or not the actions of the surgeon could have caused the death.

It is the responsibility of your attorney to find a credible expert witness, one who meets qualifications that establish him as an expert in his field. These qualifications will vary from one professional to the next, but they generally include holding advanced degrees or having extensive knowledge and skills related to the matter at hand.  (Read More…)

Dirty Tricks Insurance Companies Use in Court

The purpose of insurance is simple. You pay monthly premiums, and when something bad happens, the insurance company provides funds to help in your time of need. Often, we assume that paying our premiums on time means that we’re covered should we need to make a claim with the insurance company after being injured. Sadly it’s not always that simple.

While you’re using your insurance premiums to gain peace of mind, your insurance company is using your insurance as a way to make money. After all, the companies are a business and those monthly premiums add up significantly for every month and every year that you don’t make a claim. Sometimes, unfortunately, insurance companies are blinded by the profits they earn and start to shave away some morality in favor of higher profits. This results in fewer payouts to deserving customers. (Read More…)

Some Other August Events

I am honored to have been recently nominated for membership in the American Board of Trial Advocates. ABOTA is a prestigious legal organization that aims to uphold the constitutional right to a jury trial for all Americans. Their many outreach projects include educational programs on the jury system for students and teachers, promotion of civility and integrity in the legal profession, and the improvement of confidence in our nation’s judiciary. I look forward to giving back to the our nation’s legal system through this renowned organization.

Last week I had the opportunity to help out the Atlanta Braves with the Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids. This is a great organization that gives kids with a variety of physical challenges a day of baseball training with some of their major league heroes. The camp was run in partnership with Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids, the Atlanta Braves and The Miracle League as well as the City of Douglasville Parks & Recreation Department. (Read More…)

On August 9, I was one of several speakers at the CLE seminar Mediation 360° discussing a mediation case from the perspective of a plaintiff’s attorney. I was honored to have the opportunity to participate in this event.

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