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July 2013 Newsletter

What You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in the Swimming Pool This Summer

Just weeks ago, an 18-year-old girl broke her wrist, fractured her skull and suffered from a spinal cord injury after jumping into a swimming pool that was currently empty for repairs. Although the incident occurred near Boston, the accident could have easily occurred in any city – including Atlanta.

While it is terrible that the girl was injured, there is more to the story than just an accident. The injured girl and her friend were “pool-hopping”, intentionally trespassing and breaking into backyards to swim in people’s swimming pools.

In this case, the girl injured herself in a swimming pool that was as safe as the homeowner could have possibly made it. The pool was behind a six foot privacy fence and then gated again inside the yard. But the teen, who is also charged with trespassing,  intentionally bypassed these locked gates and became injured. (Read More…)

If a loved one is injured be sure to contact Bruce Hagen to discuss your rights and options in a free and confidential consultation.



SOME VERY DANGEROUS AND FATAL DIALYSIS DRUGS HAVE BEEN PULLED OFF THE MARKET. If you have had a family member or friend who died either during dialysis or within 24 hours after a dialysis treatment, please contact Bruce Hagen immediately to learn about your rights. For more information:


I have been proud and honored to speak at two distinguished events recently:

On May 2nd, I spoke to the American Association of Justice (AAJ) in New Orleans,  regarding the ongoing NFL Concussion Litigation. This was timely for the members as the topic of the seminar was “Litigating Traumatic Brain Injury Cases.”

I also spoke to the Ga. Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) at its 2013 Annual Convention on May 16th. “Connective Tissue Motor Vehicle Injury Trials” was the topic of the presentation.

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