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October 2013 Newsletter

3 Insurance Company Tactics You Need to Know

It should come as no surprise that insurance companies will do everything within their power to either avoid paying a settlement, or reduce that settlement by as much as they possibly can. They are, after all, a business that has a compelling desire to turn their own profit. Unfortunately for victims who rely on those settlements, dealing with the strategies that these companies use can be time consuming and frustrating – unless you’re aware of what they are. Recognizing how insurance companies often treat claimants can help you successfully deal with them on your terms, instead of theirs.

There are three strategies that insurance companies will often employ, particularly for those who have been involved in a car accident or other type of injury. When filing your own claim, you can benefit from working with a lawyer who has experience in dealing with insurance companies, as he or she will be know how to counter these tactics. (Read more…)

Georgia Sees Increase in Female Motorbikers

After a rainy summer kept them off the roads, Georgia motorcyclists are making up for it, enjoying rides to Ellijay, Dahlonega , Jasper and other scenic north Georgia destinations. You may have seen them flying down 400 or 575, or fueling up for the trip at your local Starbucks, and realized that many are women  – and not just riders. In fact,  increasing numbers of women are opting to purchase motorcycles of their own.

What is responsible for the change in biker demographics? One is the increased popularity of motorbikes as a leisure activity. Even as overall motorcycle ownership decreases, it remains on the rise for the baby boomer generation. This generation of women are characterized by their independence, so their move from rider to bike driver comes naturally. (Read More…)

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The Dangers of Car Fires

A few weeks ago, veteran actor Dick Van Dyke was pulled from his Jaguar as the vehicle was engulfed by flames on a Los Angeles highway. Pictures of the burned wreck are an example of how quickly a fire can destroy a car. According to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) an average of 33 highway vehicle fires occur every hour in the U.S. And besides significant property damage, these fires can inflict serious injuries and even death.

Causes of Car Fires

Nearly half of highway vehicle fires that occur on U.S. highways are attributed to mechanical failure or malfunction resulting in gas line leaks, ruptured fuel tanks, or broken parts throwing sparks as they drag along the roadway. (Read More…)

Bicycle Safety: Georgia’s Local Bike Laws

All over Georgia, more people are taking to the streets on their bicycles. Some ride for exercise while others enjoy getting out in the beautiful fall weather. And as Atlanta traffic congestion continues to grow, many choose to commute to work by bike to save money and reduce emissions. Whatever the reason, bicycling is fun and good for your health. However, recent data shows that, as more bicyclists take to the pavement, the occurrence of bike-related traffic incidents has also increased.

A low-speed impact such as a fender bender isn’t a big deal when you are in a car. It is a hassle and certainly an annoyance, but rarely is someone severely injured in a low-speed car crash. But this all changes when someone is on a bicycle. Without the “metal shell” protection of a larger vehicle, bicycle rider involved in a traffic accident with a car or truck can suffer catastrophic injuries. (Read More…)

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