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Personal Injury Lawsuits: Out-of-Court Settlement VS Going to Trial

When most people think of lawyers, they usually have a grandiose vision of them in a large courtroom in front of a judge and jury, making a compelling argument on their client’s behalf. The fact of the matter is that many lawyers handle their cases without actually going to trial, and this is especially true when it comes to personal injury lawyers.


An out-of-court settlement usually occurs prior to a trial, where the two opposing parties in a personal injury case come to an agreement regarding the amount owed to the victim for their injury. If you’re thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia (and most other states), you’re far more likely to receive an out-of-court settlement, rather than have to go through a civil court trial for your case. Even if your case does go to court, a settlement can be reached after the trial has begun. Still, reaching an agreement pre-trial is usually the most advantageous way to save time and money.


A personal injury claim generally only goes to trial on the condition that the plaintiff (victim) and the defendant cannot reach an agreement regarding a fair settlement. Reaching a settlement may involve some sort of compromise from both parties. In the event that one side continues to stand their ground, bringing the personal injury case to court may be the only way to reach a final conclusion. Although many Georgia personal injury attorneys have experience with out-of-court-settlements, you’ll find that far fewer have a significant amount of actual trial experience. When searching for a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, make sure that your attorney in question does indeed possess large amount experience in the courtroom. This factor could easily make or break your case.

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