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At the Atlanta personal injury law office of Hagen and Rosskopf, LLC, we take the approach that insurance companies are incapable of being fair. They take your money. They even charge you late fees when you don’t pay on time. When they do agree to pay on a claim, they increase your premiums so you essentially pay them back what they paid out on your behalf. We level the playing field for injured people filing personal injury or wrongful death claims.

Our Atlanta Attorneys, Bruce A. Hagen, and his associates have more than 30 years of experience exposing insurance company tactics in front of juries. We’ve effectively represented more than 6,000 personal injury claims. It’s almost a certain bet that insurance companies would have paid out only a small fraction of the final cumulative award in those cases.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or if you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal accident, don’t rely on the insurance companies to make things right. They usually don’t.

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